Where Are Haurex Watches Made?

Haurex WatchesThere are a few people who’ve asked me this a few times in the past, so I guess it’s something that should be cleared.

So, where are they manufactured, indeed?

Haurex is an Italian company with the headquarters in Bologna, in the north of the country.

Well, they make their famous timepieces in the same  location.

However, a few years back, if I recall correctly, I heard something a little different. I’m not sure it I found this on their website or some other place, but the  idea was that while they making the designs in their Bologna office, the watches  themselves were made  in Switzerland, a country known for its long history in the world of fine tuned watches.

But that is just a story. The fact is that all the watches they sell are labeled as “Made in Italy”, so this is your answer.

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