Renato Balestra Haute Couture

Renato Balustrade has created a new collection dominated by luxury and sumptuosity for women who want to seduce and capture through glamour and sophistication.

The collection is based on lively colors and unusual and sparkling matching of colors.

Black is back as a contrast lightered by dashes of a pale subtle pink. Strong stress is given to “rose collars and to skins that wrap hips and bloom in a flare.

The drapery is given to “rose collars” and to skirts that wrap hips and bloom in a flare. The drapery, almost outlined for the day and with flimsy creases for the night, distinguishes many models.

Renato Balestra Haute CoutureThe appealing “Tartarian entry” is enhanced by boleros embroiled wit polychromatic materials and big and colored fox-fur shapkas. Majestic blousons and the three-quarter coat in quilted satin weave replace fur coats.

The cocktail dresses are enhanced with “wigs” made of black tethers or black jais embroideries.

At night a kaleidoscope of embroidery and long dresses bloom in a flare and in contrasting colors.

Graceful and slight dance-hall dresses made of translucent tulles walk down the catwalk together with male models wearing renewed smoking with tight vests cut at the waistline and pastel colored shirts matching the dancers.

The wedding dress is inspired to a powder puff, with its flexuous corsage and its slight “haze” skirt in light tulle embroidered with silk threads.

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