Mumbai Makes Way For Global Fashion Brands

Last week Mumbai was studded with glamorous fashion brands, as the global elites like Fendi Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo displayed their accessory collections at 5-star hotels, attracting Bollywood divas and major designers.

As the growing potential in India, luxury houses are making a beeline into domestic market.

Following the lead of their favorite stars, locals are also getting tempeted for lavish treats.

While jewelry artist Farah Khan Ali is a major fan of Fendi and Louis Vuitton gears, stunning Simone Singh is crazy for Prada, Chloe and Miu Miu footwear.

Koena Mitra loves a LV chocolate and brunette bag, others adore cute little purses.

In all there is no doubt that India is recognizing the essentiality of chic accessories that is making room for global boutiques, who are standing on one feet to grab new opportunities!


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