Moratti is strategic for Milan’s Competitiveness

Fashion is the strategic factor for Milan competitiveness. Milan mayor Letizia Moratti offered an aperitif to the Italian fashion operators at Marino palace today.

The main Italian fashion designers from Giorgio Armani, who according to Moratti is a trendsetter of the Italian fashion in the world, to Gianfranco Ferre’, Lorenzo Riva and Santo Versace. Moratti said there would be a new policy for fashion and so it inserted it in the industry councillor’s office because it is a productive sector.

“Fashion is a strategic factor for competitiveness in our territory” she said.

Moratti also spoke about the guidelines of her policy on fashion. “we will link fashion to the telematic university that will be based in Milan and I wish that it could train people who will work in the fashion sector”.

The Milan mayor also stressed that she will be always at disposal of the fashion sector operators.

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