Missoni is Ready to Receive Guests in Their Kuwait Hotel

Speaking of Hotels, Missoni is at it again. This time, in Kuwait.

The hotel will open on March 1, according to all the news published. It is located in the Symphony Centre, in the middle of the city’s shopping district.

Of the total 169 rooms, 63 of them will offer a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf. The interior decoration was inspired the culture of Kuwait and the gulf, so colors user focus on turquoise, gold and green.

Hotel Missoni in EdinburghThe rooms will have lots of luxuries that will definitely make the guest happy.

For instance, the bathrooms will feature magic mirrors, which turn into a television at the switch of a button.

The usual offerings of a luxury hotel will be there. There will be a 1,500 square meter spa, which will offer a full range of Six Senses beauty treatments, two yoga rooms and, of course, a juice bar 🙂 A nice touch.

The interior of the hotel was designed by Graven Images, the UK firm which also did the job on Missoni’s hotel in Edinburgh. The same team is working on the next hotel that the fashion house in planning in Oman.

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