Margherita Missoni’s New Collection Crashes Target’s Site

Missoni For TargetOver the last months, people everywhere were talking about the imminent launch of a Missoni line, one created in partnership with Target. They planned the event for September 13.

The big day came eventually, and the initial flood of shoppers took everyone by surprise, both in the stores and online. For a couple of hours, Target’s website couldn’t cope with the demand and was essentially down.

Most items in the online store range from $2.99 to $499, with most of the products costing less than $40. That’s a fantastic bargain and people want to take adavantage.

Of course, Target has collaborated with other designers in the past, but this surge of customers is by far the most unexpected in its history.

Officially, the Missoni for Target collection was supposed to run from September 13 till the middle of October. But at this rate, I doubt there will be enough items on the shelves to last that long.

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