Madrid Bans Skinny Models From the Fashion Week

The Madrid Fashion Week, which is not even close to the magnitude of the Milan Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, came fast to the world’s attention with a controversial decision by it’s officials to exclude models that do not meet what the World Health Organization considers normal weight.

The decision was applauded by numerous figures around the world, all hoping that other countries will take a similar stand in this issue.

The decision came after an alarming increase (according to some) in the number of models that look like sticks. A participant at one fashion show noted that the thickest part of the model’s legs were the ankles.

The issue is quite real, numerous models going to extremes by starving themselves to maintain that silhouette.

Sophie Hardach ironicly noted that “designers dress up 14-year-olds to make them look like 19-year-olds who look great in clothes that will be sold to 40-year-olds.”

It’s not that far from the truth. At 15 years, the models are naturally skinny. But towards 19-20 years, it gets tougher to have a perfect waist, so they starve themselves in an attempt to get it under control.

But usually, at this age they start modeling for Victoria’s Secret where they get a muh greater fame that they’ve ever had.

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