Luciano Barbera 2009 Women's Collection

Luciano BarberaClose your eyes and open them again. Here’s a quick glance at the women’s collection from Luciano Barbera.

The entire line is soft appearance, for a romantic woman. The clothes suggest a person dedicated to her work, but who at the same time knows the importance of the moments of relaxation with the family.

Knots, ribbons, bows, ties, all these details give the Barbera woman a touch of dreamy femininity. The trench becomes soft and romantic, courteous in line bolloon slightly.

Luciano BarberaThe materials and exclusive fabrics come from the historic woolen mill of Carlo Barbera. They are used for chick woman, sophisticated and attentive to the quality of the materials and the perfection of details. In addition to kasmir, a nee type of wool calle Kashima is used to add effect. This wook is usually used in suits, jackets and overcoats.

The colors and designs are sophisticated, and include small paintings, micro fantasies in Bermuda shorts and dresses, geometric designs. The Cinzano beige linen and Tubino used in jackets combine and the result is almost gold-like. The red jackets are particularly beautiful.

Among the accessories scarves are the corollary to all issues.

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