Italian Fashion Crowd Creates Anti-Anorexia Manifesto

The furore over skinny models is not over yet and the Italian government is this week getting involved by planning a manifesto on the use of size zero models on the catwalk.

anorexic-model.jpgMario Boselli, the head of the Italian National Fashion Chamber, met with the Italian youth minister, Giovanna Malandri, this week and they have agreed to work on a code of conduct which forces the fashion industry to promote a healthier look.

To be known as the National Manifesto of Self-Regulation, the move was sparked after Spanish officials banned underweight models from Madrid‘s Fashion Week.

Flaminia Spadone, Mr Boselli’s aide, said: “Italy has an important strategic role in world fashion so we have to send a strong signal.

“We’d like fashion houses, modelling agencies, photographers and everyone working in the fashion world to sign the charter. It would be voluntary but professional bodies could decide to impose sanctions on people who don’t sign, preventing them from taking part in fashion shows.”

Models participating in Sao Paolo’s impending fashion week must prove they are in good health with medical certificates signed by a doctor.

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