Gucci Stept Back Into the '50s

Gucci Summer 2008Lots of glitter and excitement too far to the west as Milan fashion week continues. Tuesday, fashion house Marni showed its Summer 2008 Menswear collection. Unlike many other collections shown this week, Marni steered away from bright colors, opting instead for minimal, simple designs that played with the usual silhouettes. Luxury fashion label, Gucci also showed its Menswear Summer 2008 collection. Let’s take a closer look.

The show paid homage to 1950’s Italy. It featured suits with bold checks, striped polo shirts and soft post-war trousers.

There were hints of “Rebel Without a Cause,” too. Gucci’s slim versions of biker jackets and other retro styles gave prominence to the Gucci name right up front. It’s normally something you’d see on preppy university gear.


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