Gorgio Armani As The Second Most Powerful Man In Fashion

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been named as the most powerful person in men’s fashion and retail, for the second year running.

Giorgio Armani also landed the number two spot on DNR.COM’s rankings of the 100 most powerful people in men’s fashion and retail.

Both men undoubtedly have a lifetimes experience in the business and this is reflected in this years rankings.

After their 40th anniversary celebrations in 2007, Polo Ralph Lauren’s sponsorship of the US Olympic team in Beijing has proven a wise move, as this is primarily credited with keeping him at the top of the list.

Meanwhile, Armani’s empire continues to grow and flourish, having already launched his first men’s skin care line, Skin Minerals for Men this year. He’s also opened two stores in India and two Emporio Armani flagships in Moscow and Beijing.

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