Giorgio Armani Samsung Phone Officially Out

Samsung Armani PhoneGiorgio Armani and Samsung finally completed their collaboration with the release of the new “Giorgio Armani Samsung Phone”, or the SGH-P520.

Being seen the first time last November, it was finally released officially this week.

As a fashion phone, it does not have extraordinary technical features. True, it does have a 3 Mega pixel camera and a fantastic frontal touch screen with vibration feedback that lets you know that you’ve pressed the right button.

The casing is made out of metal, with just the right weight, giving the phone a solid feel and also a reassurance that it won’t break when it accidentally fells on the ground.

The pictures taken with the camera look good on the phone, but a little blurry when on a larger screen. It also has no 3G.

Being designed in collaboration with a highly reputed fashion brand, the phone itself looks fantastic. Much better than what we’ve seen coming from the other fashion firms.

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Grace March 12, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Ooh. I like the way it looks.


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