Giorgio Armani Opens Store In Moscow

Emporio Armani is expanding towards east and takes over the European far east with a new stylish store in the heart of Russia. And, just in case you need some rest in your shopping spree, the store also has a very coquet restaurant where you can relax with a nice cup of coffee.

Regarding the city, Giorgion Armani said that Moscow is an energetic and beautiful city with its mixture of ‘East meets West’, ‘Tradition with Modernity’ and ‘Antiquity with Futurism’

“I have been waiting patiently to find an appropriate location for my first Emporio Armani store in Moscow. So I am excited that it is becoming a reality. This city is not only the capital, but one of the most important business, social and international hubs in Europe with a quickly rising reputation for being style conscious”

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