Giorgio Armani Not Ready To Retire Yet

Giorgio ArmaniIn a recent interview with Il Sole, Giorgio Armani mentioned that he has not yet decided on a successor at the head of his massive fashion empire. The 74 years old Italian designer says that he’s still in top shape to run the business and he is not planning on retiring any time soon.


The reasons for not retiring may go well beyond his great condition. A departure from the head of the fashion firm could impact negatively on its sales and the reputation of the brand itself. I will happen some day because the new generation will eventually have to take over the old, but for now Armani is still in charge.

Here’s what he had to say about it:


“The founder is linked to the brand and represents its style. When it comes to replacing the founder there is always a doubt as to whether to change the style. The young designers have all the talent that is needed, but in a system made up of only ‘untouchable icons’ that cut off all oxygen, you can also die.”

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