Giorgio Armani Against Superthin Models

Giorgio Armani has joined the campaign to get curvier models on the catwalk – and calls on fellow designer to follow his example.

“I have never liked thin girls and never sent them down the catwalk,” Armani says.

“At my shows you will find girls in size 42 (US size 8), outfits. Sure, I choose very feminine women with little breast and straight hips,” the designer confesses.
“However, there are other designers out there who like to provoke, who like to make a show so they get talked about.”

Meanwhile, organizers of Rome Fashion Week that kicks off in January are demanding to see “good health” certificates from all the models who are being cast for the shows.

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Stefan Kostovski December 27, 2007 at 10:22 pm

I would say that these campaign, going on for sometime now, is the best and most human thing happening to the fashion industry. The models themselves are the ones who will definitely benefit the most.

On the other hand, I have high beliefs that the campaign will not end as so many others, coz it’s supported not only from the biggest fashion designers but also the whole fashion community.

I would certify my beliefs with the example of the joint project of the Italian government and the Italian fashion industry in supporting the endeavor to propagate “normal sized” models

Stefan Kostovski


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