Gianfranco Ferre’s New Face is Skin

Last year, Gianfranco Ferre has collaborated with Julia Roberts, who promoted his creation with an enormous success.

This season, Ferre decided to hire Skin, the lead vocalist of Skunk Anastasie, which disbanded in 2001. Now, at 29, she’s got her own band.

In the next ad campaign for Ferre, she will be partnered with Patrick Petitjean.

“Strength and charm, energy and sensuality are, for me, indivisible in contemporary femininity. In choosing Skin – her body, the expressiveness of her eyes, her face most of all – I consciously put a special accent on the free, natural, easy and even aggressive spirit I sought… Yet, without forgetting the notes of composure, grace and languor I always consider essential. These surely contrasting and contradictory qualities I identify in Skin, as the primary and innate elements of her singular allure,” said Ferre.

The campaign will be shot by Mario Testino, with Skin and Petitjean in a nightclub setting with an imperial purple silk background.

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