Francesca Versace Enters The Family Business

Francesca VersaceFrancesca Versace is the latest member of the legendary family to hit the fashion industry and will show her debut collection at Paris Fashion Week next week

Francesca, is the daughter of Santo Versace- who controls the business side of the company and also the niece of Donatella who took over as creative director when her brother Gianni Versace was shot on his doorstep in 1997.

It’s just a year since the 25 year old graduated from Central Saint Martins and already she’s warming up for one of the biggest ‘gigs’ in the fashion world. “Well I was looking around for something after I graduated and this happened,” she said, speaking about starting up her Francesca V label.

There were doubts over whether the Versace fashion house would survive after Gianni’s murder following declining sales and making markedly less than it did when he was alive.

However Versace now seems stronger than ever, after Donatella’s hard work and the new addition of Francesca, who received praise from the press at her graduate show in London in 2006.

“Having this name can work against you or for you. Right now things are going very well,” Francesca told the Guardian in a recent interview.

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