Fontanelli, a name with roots berried deep in the past

Fontanelli is another family owned fashion company with an important tradition. Its beginnings date back to the mid nineteen century when Italy was divided into several smaller countries.

Back then, Fontanelli family was known as the most skilled leather workers in the whole of Tuscany.

Duchess and duchesses all over the Italian peninsula and rulers all over Europe were coming to the Fontanelli family asking them to craft various objects out of high quality leather.

Over the years, Fontanelli kept its valuable tradition and is now one of Italy’s top company specialized in creating luxury items out of leather.Fontanelli Leather Hobo Bag

Fontanelli, a name with roots berried deep in the past, nowadays has the same sources of inspiration as in the nineteen century because they’ve never left their little home town near Florence. They still keep there their biggest leather factory, in the same place where their name and legend was born.

Fontanelli is in fact, as many like to say, a name with ancient roots. Their works are the best example of good taste and finesse.

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