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Fendi’s Carmina Campus Launches a Recycling Project in Africa

Fendi’s Carmina Campus Launches a Recycling Project in Africa

Over the years, we’ve seen many fashion designers get involved in various humanitarian projects meant to help those in need. The first that comes to mind is the Product(RED) campaign supported among others by Giorgio Armani and Converse. If you look at my previous post on this blog (which was a long long time ago, sorry about that :P), you’ll also see that Gucci is helping UNICEF offer help to kids in Africa.

Well, recently I got a tip that Fendi’s Carmina Campus division is also joining the humanitarian efforts. But instead of simply offering funds, they’ve taken a more sustainable approach by partnering with the International Trade Center and developing a project called “A tour through dumpsites” which will be implemented in Italy and Africa (mainly Kenya), with the goal of finding ways to recover and reuse materials found in the dump sites.

The fist part of the project was making the whole issue known to the world, by shooting a film in the slums of Nairobi where almost two million people live in difficult conditions without electricity or sewage. For many of them, the only way of survival is to sort and recycle the waste found in the local dump sites.

ITC, which is trying to help these people by supporting the development of local businesses, has approached Carmina Campus because of its experience with the reusing unlikely materials and creating luxury items, basically out of waste. The Carbag line is made out of old car parts, such as seatbelts, seat covers or sun visors, just to get an idea 🙂

As part of this project, in the next period, Fendi will visit the region in question to see for the possibilities available and whether the recycling methods they developed can be applied there. If all this goes well, it will have a second side benefit of preserving the local traditions of manual manufacturing and including them in a global line of fashion accessories. Be on the look for the next line of Carmina Campus handbags. It’s going to be interesting.

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kids designer clothing May 14, 2010 at 9:27 am

Its nice of these millionaire designers to push back a tiny percentage of profits. Of course, the boost to their own sales is only incidental…


Eugen May 14, 2010 at 3:48 pm

If it gets stuff done, does it really matter if they also get their pockets full of money? Nobody is truly altruistic. Nobody helps others just for the sake of it. There’s always an interest behind it: personal satisfaction, spiritual fulfillment, respect or, as you said, a great boost in sales.

Nothing wrong with any of them.


Tolu Olisa August 2, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Did u ever think about Nigeria,am sure u’ll get enough of the necessary materials you need in Nigeria.


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