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Did You Know that Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year 2013?

Did You Know that Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year 2013?

Emerald - The Pantone Color of the year 2013

Neither did I! I’ve been blogging on and off about fashion for that last 8 years, but I had no idea that there’s such a thing as “The color of the Year”. Looks like I’ve still got a lot to learn.

The other day, I read a fascinating article about SEO which totally rocked my world and opened my eyes because it had as an example a fashion themed website. I’ve neglected this site for quite a while and the article caught my attention because, well, it spoke to me directly.

And I discovered a couple of things one would expect I’d know by now.

One of these is the service provided by Pantone. If you’re an ignorant like me, you most likely have no idea that Pantone is considered the bible of color matching. Designers from all fields, not just fashion, use it to get an idea of what colors they should mix in order to look good.

Yeah, you have the image of the all-knowing designer who knows precisely which colors work together and what must be avoided. But they’re just human. They can get it wrong.

And that’s why this service is out there, to lend them a helping hand when needed.

What’s Pantone have to do with you and me?

Well, besides knowing colors very well, Pantone also takes the pulse of the market and every year, they analyze the trends in the designer world and, more or less, decide on the dominant color of that year.

Last year, it was Tangerine. This year it’s Emerald.

So what if they choose a certain color?

The fact that the Pantone guys say that emerald is the ‘it’ color right now doesn’t mean that you’re going to see it everywhere you turn. It only means that designers are going to take a hint from it and include it in their collections more often than otherwise.

And, of course, it also does help you get an idea of what to look for when you go shopping. It’s fun to stay with the trends, and knowing that this color is in right now will make you more confident in going for an outfit you might overlook in other circumstances.

What are some of the emerald accessories you can find?

Pretty much anything you can think of, but here are a couple of ideas:


An obvious one, actually, seeing that emerald is an actual precious stone. Forzieri has a nice selection of emerald jewels. For instance, they have an interesting frog shaped ring from Alcozer & J. If you’ve read my article about Alcozer & J, you know that they use the frog motif quite a lot.

They also have a couple of pendants and earrings from Incanto Royale.


Still at Forzieri, you’ll find a couple of emerald bags from Alviero Martini 1A Classe and Ghibli. There’s also Jerome Dreyfuss, but that’s got nothing to do with Italian fashion, so we’ll leave it out.

Take a look at all the emerald handbags at Forzieri.


I’ve also found a pair of shoes from Palazzo Bruciato. I don’t find them that interesting, but they’re worth checking out. They’re made of python embossed leather, so they should be worth something.


These were just a couple of ideas I threw at you. Go take a look at the full list of emerald accessories at Forzieri to get a bigger picture of what’s available these days.

I’m sure other stores have much bigger collections, but we’re still talking about Italian fashion, and for that matter, Forzieri is the best there is.

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