Dolce and Gabbana Brought Fun to the Milan Fashion Week

Dolce And GabbanaWhile most designers present at Milan’s fashion week presented creations that were at least slightly wearable, it was Dolce and Gabbana’s turn to show the world what they’re made of.

And they did it with a huge parade on Tuesday, where they brought to the stage what is considered by many an outrageous collection.

As one eyewitness said, ‘the show screamed sex and money”. Black corsets and skirts in the colors of the rainbow are just one of the many items presented.

Dolce And Gabbana

From the first look you could tell this was not about bringing out a collection that would actually be practical. Instead, it was all about making a huge hype, which it certainly did.

In a backstage interview, Kylie Minogue, a participant at this display said that she actually found the collection quite wearable, but only on a concert’s stage. Who knows, you might see her wearing one on Dolce and Gabbana’s outfits in her next world tour.

D&G lowered the sexual tension towards the end by some tongue-in-cheek outfits that played on Dolce & Gabbana’s soft spot for campness.

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