Christina Aguilera Has Issues with PETA Because of Roberto Cavalli

I mentioned in a previous article that Roberto Cavalli was hired by Christina Aguilera to design her outfits for her current world tour promoting the new album.

All was good until she got issues with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the largest organization of it’s kind in the US, for wearing real fox fur on stage.

Christina Aguilera made Roberto Cavalli responsible for it, because he tricked her into wearing real fur, although she claims to have instructed him to only use fake fur her the costumes she wears on stage.

Whether this claim is true or not, Cavalli himself admitted to Women’s Wear Daily that he sent Christina a stole out of real fox fur before the concert.

A PETA spokesman said that before she went on stage, she received an email with a video of a fox being killed in a very inhumane way for her fur.

It’s been reported that Christina immediately changed all real fur items in her world tour wardrobe for synthetic fur, so that she will avoid further issues with PETA and other environmental organizations.

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