Bulgari Is Positive About Its Future

‘Considering that in America and that also in the last months in Europe we have results, which we believe are very good, I am convinced 2006 can be a record year for sales and profits,’ Francesco Trapani said.

‘In the presence of a good selling season in the Christmas period we expect a growth on a like-for-like exchange rate basis of 10 pct,’ he said, referring to rises in net profit and sales.

On accessories and perfumes expansion, Bulgari intends to continue selective selling of these in dedicated outlets, he said, noting the wider market for these compared to jewelry and watches.

Bulgari has dedicated accessory and perfume outlets in Tokyo, Osaka, Washington, Seoul, and Shanghai, while in Italy, it intends to open an outlet in Florence in the next months and Rome in 2007, he said.

Overall sales will get a boost from restructuring of Bulgari’s shop in New York and expansion in Japan, while in the US, Boston and Dallas are locations for new openings ‘soon’, he said.

In the US, Bulgari is considering opening in out-of-town shopping malls, he said, noting how these malls attract affluent consumers and other luxury brands are opening in these locations.

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