Bianchi Art Works

Bianchi Art Works is an important name in the Italian fashion industry because its founder, Riccardo Bianchi, is a real personality here in Europe, known for creating and masterfully using the innovating “Old Master Techniques”.

He’s studied art in Florence and went on to teach painting and art restoration at universities in Europe and the US.

These techniques are special because the works of art made by using them strikingly reflect the old Renaissance traditions present in this land for centuries.

Bianchi Art Works BoxThey are, at some level, homage to the genius of the ones that lived here in the past. Owning one of Riccardo Bianchi’s art works is like owning a part of the history.

The Master artists of Bianchi Art Works also work on commission from any picture, exclusively for Forzieri, Italy’s leading fashion items distributor in the world.

And while Riccardo has numerous artist employed, he makes sure that each piece that leaves the atelier is painted by his own skilled hand.

Click here to see some of Riccardo Bianchi’s works of art.

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