Armani weighs in on Posh and Becks move

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani says he thinks a future acting career is the real reason behind David Beckham’s surprise move to the Los Angeles Galaxy football team.

“If reports that Beckham’s deal is worth $250 million are true, then he has done the right thing. And I think he wants to be an actor, not a footballer,” the Italian designer told reporters at Milan fashion week on Monday.

Giorgio, who rubbed shoulders with the Beckhams at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ November nuptials in Rome, says that after meeting the glamorous pair, he believes that Hollywood is the perfect move for them.

“He is a very handsome man, and his football career could be nearing an end,” said Giorgio. “Also look at his wife. … I saw her at Tom Cruise’s wedding, and she is a very bubbly lady.”

Both David, 31 and Victoria, 32, are set to move to Los Angeles as soon as the ex-England captain’s contract with Real Madrid ends later this year.

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