Armani Opens Three New Stores In London

Armani With RED FoundersRemember I told you earlier this week that Armani got into the RED, together with other important mundane personalities, launching a new fashion line called INSPI(RED). The ideas is that some of the profit he’ll make out of this collection will go to an international charity that aims to promote various methods to prevent HIV and AIDS in poor countries in Africa and other poor regions of the world.

In support of this collection, Armani will open three new flagship stores in United Kingdom’s capital to coincide with the London Fashion Week.

The Emporio Armani (PRODUCT) RED capsule collection will also be launched at the exclusive event, which will be filmed for Channel 4.

“I hope that my three new stores and restaurant will further add to the cosmopolitan culture of the United Kingdom’s capital city,” Armani said.

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