Armani Not Interested In Skinny Models Anymore

When the Madrid Fashion Week event regarding the super skinny models that were present on most fashion shows took place, Giorgio Armani was one of the few fashion designers who stood up and supported the initiative.

Now, Armani has officially joined the campaign to get curvier models on the catwalk – and calls on fellow designer to follow his example.

I’m sure those who look up to Armani as one of the most important designers in the world will follow his footsteps in this regard.

“I have never liked thin girls and never sent them down the catwalk,” Armani says.

“At my shows you will find girls in size 42 (US size 8), outfits. Sure, I choose very feminine women with little breast and straight hips,” the designer confesses.

“However, there are other designers out there who like to provoke, who like to make a show so they get talked about.”

The Milan event resonated throughout the fashion world and now, the organizers for the Rome Fashion Week that starts in January demand that the models that will be present on the catwalk do meet the health standards.

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