Antica Murrina Rings

Venice is famous world wide for centuries of glass making and Antica Murrina is renowned for closely following the old tradition of working the unmistakable Murano glass and creating exquisite pieces of jewelry with it.

Some of the most popular accessories it makes are the Antica Murrina rings which combine functionality with some of the most exquisite glass patterns one can imagine into a beautiful work of art.

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It was the Romans who discovered the process of manufacturing the Murano glass, but it only became known worldwide in the 18th century when it became so evolved that it allowed some of the most intricate designs imaginable.

Antica Murrina Ring - CubaThe ‘millefiori’ technique is the most complicated of all and with it artist create the famous millefiori beads. The process involves melting together thin canes of colored class and put into a mould. The result is more than spectacular.

The glass pattern of every Antica Murrina ring is created manually by Venice’s top glass working artists meaning that each ring is unique. Although following the same design, the artist adds subtle variations which particularize it.

Various collections of Antica Murrina rings

Ipanema is an extraordinary and colorful ring, endowed with a Brazilian and cheerful vibe. It is entirely handmade in Venice with precious Murano glass beads in a rainbow of colors.

Laguna is a Venetian creation in pure Murano glass that will sparkle through your hands with gold reflections. Each piece is unique because it’s been made by hand.

Antica Murrina Ring - VirginiaVirginia is a delicate and original ring made with pink and silver Murano glass beads. Dangling gracefully on a sterling silver ring, the beads highlight the elegant style of a refined woman.

Marea is a piece of Murano glass art that presents an elegant variety of shining patterns and colors that will sparkle on any woman’s fingers.

If you spend time looking for the perfect gift to fit the highest tastes of women, you’ll find that Antica Murrina Veneziana’s products are great accessories that any woman will put on without hesitation.

Antica Murrina creates delicate and original rings made with colored Murano glass beads. Dangling gracefully on a sterling silver ring the beads highlight the elegant style of a refined woman.

I recommend Antica Murrina rings to anyone with a delicate taste and who appreciates hand made pieces of art.

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