Allegra Versace Shows Up At Hollywood Party

Allegra Versace At Hollywood PartyAllegra Versace, Donatella’s daughter and Gianni’s niece, is a rather more intimate character, preferring to keep a low profile when it comes to the media.

However, this time, she could not resist attending this LA party where Hollywood’s super stars such as Johnny Depp and Jay Lo would be present. She just had to meet them.

Jessica Simpson also attended the party, accompanied by her stylist, Ken Paves. Brooke Shields came with her husband, Chris Henchy.

Allegra Versace inherited half of his uncle Gianni Versace’s fashion empire when she turned 18. I’m wondering what will happen when she will actually take her mother’s place in the company.

Being young, with lots of fresh ideas will definitely be an advantage.

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