Armani and Cavalli to do business in India

Giorgio ArmaniRecently, Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli met with the Indian designer Pradeep Hirani, with whom they discussed the possibility of expanding their business in India.

With such a huge market ready for their luxurious creations, both Armani and Cavalli were enthusiastic about the idea.

Here’s what Pradeep Hirani had to say about it:

“Giorgio Armani is a wonderfully warm man. We met twice on the trip and since he speaks no English and I can’t speak Italian, we communicated through a translator.”

“Cavalli is worshipped by fashionistas around the world. What we had in common was his interest in India. His two main grievances are that we have no high street in India and most retailers don’t have the expertise of luxury fashion retail. Cavalli is reluctant to use the facilities at 5 star hotels because they have to pay very high rents for very few footfalls.”

It’s too early to say something for certain, but it’s most likely that the to Italian designers will start retailing their products in stores in Mumbai and Delhi.

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